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Friday. June 11th, 2021

Eco-friendly household brand GreenAware are proud to announce their sponsorship of the ISPS HANDA World Invitational presented by Modest! Golf

GreenAware announce partnership with inspiring new world-class golf event, presented by Niall Horan & Modest! Golf Management

At GreenAware, they believe that even the smallest action can spark extraordinary change. That’s why they are proud to partner with an event that is as passionate about changing the world as they are.

The ISPS HANDA World Invitational presented by Modest! Golf will honour men and women equally for their participation. There will be 144 women and 144 men competing in the event, playing the same courses, at the same time, for equal prize funds. In celebration of that, and GreenAware’s passion and commitment to ‘Be Part of Something Bigger’, they are delighted to announce that they will be planting 288 trees in celebration of this innovative event – one for every woman and man participating at this event.

GreenAware are also enabling the ISPS HANDA World Invitational to be a plastic bag free event, supplying 40,000 100% Compostable Bags to the exhibitors. Incredibly, that will remove over 1 tonne of traditional plastic from the environment. That is over 22km of traditional plastic bags taken out of circulation, enough to cover the golf course 4 times. All plastic bags at the event will be replaced by GreenAware’s certified 100% compostable alternative which is made from a blend of renewable plant-based ingredients. These GreenAware Bags naturally break down and can go directly into a food waste recycling bin.

A core part of the business at GreenAware is enabling simple recycling of food waste – diverting it from landfill and instead converting it to rich, nutritious compost, which can be used to grow more food. GreenAware are proud to be working with the event organisers to ensure that all food waste generated at the event will be segregated and composted.

GreenAware’s Business Development Manager Kate Purcell says, “It’s truly an honour for GreenAware to be able to partner with such a ground-breaking event that believes in enabling positive, sustainable change as much as we do at GreenAware. We care deeply about small changes leading to big results and are thrilled we get to share this message with all at the ISPS HANDA World Invitational.”

Niall Horan, owner Modest! Golf and event co-promoter, says “It was important to us when creating the ISPS HANDA World Invitational golf event that we did things the right way. We looked at everything from gender equality right down to our sustainable credentials and have made a huge effort to be leaders in these areas. Partnering with GreenAware is a great way for us to show we’re serious when it comes to what matters.”

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Notes to the editor:

At GreenAware, we believe that even the smallest action can spark extraordinary change.

‘Be Part of Something Bigger’ is a core part of our philosophy, one that extends far beyond our products and into the choices we make that have the power to change the world around us.

As a business we are proud to offer consumers a range of sustainable, environmentally friendly products that enable everyone to make small changes that have a big impact.

Today our range of 100% Compostable Bags includes; Shopping Bags; Reusable Handy Bags; Food Waste Liners; Garden Waste Sacks and Dog Waste Bags – all made from plant-based ingredients that break down into natural elements and can go directly into your food waste recycling bin or home compost.

Later this year, GreenAware will launch an extensive new range of sustainable household products; all made from natural, renewable materials. The new range includes everything from sponges to scourers, gloves to ice stick bags and bottle brushes to nappy bags. They function just as conventional alternatives do – the difference is they start their life in nature and, at the end of their life, they return to nature. Our whole-life cycle approach means all of our products can go directly into your food waste recycling bin or home compost where they will break down to form compost which in turn generates new life.